Digital World Cup Sweepstake Kit 2022

Your Digital World Cup Sweepstake Kit 2022

Instead of cutting your World Cup sweepstake kit out of the newspaper or printing it online, switch to the modern-day version with a digital World Cup sweepstake kit that can handle your group’s bet from start to finish.

Sweeper will handle the set-up and distribution of World Cup teams, along with the deposits and payouts to the winner, so you can forget the process of chasing people for physical coins and notes. Fully-licensed gambling version launching early November.

Organise your digital sweepstake between friends, family and colleagues by downloading Sweeper – The Sweepstake App, to make World Cup 2022 even more fun!

Whoever has the winning team, wins the jackpot!

Digital World Cup Sweepstake Kit 2022

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